A lint trap full of lint
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Why You Should Use Chopsticks To Clean
Your Lint Trap
To snag the wads of hair, fiber, and debris that don't adhere to your removable lint trap, use chopsticks as finger extensions to pluck fuzz from the lint trap slot.
Remove the cleaned lint trap and look into its open slot to see where large pieces of residue have collected. Use a flashlight if needed.
Advanced chopstick users can use one hand to maneuver both sticks to pluck and lift individual masses out of the lint trap's opening like you would with a small piece of fish.
Another method is to tightly grip one chopstick in each hand, uniting them only after you've pinched
a lint wad in between the sticks, then lift and remove.
Insert a chopstick in the trap's gap to scrape and lift up stray fluff — using the side where the lint has attached itself to anchor the clumps as you lift them out of the crevice.