Wildflowers growing on a residential street in the UK. (Photo by: Nik Taylor/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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Why You Should Use DIY Seed Bombs To Help Your Garden Grow
Seed bombs are perfect for growing flowers in hard-to-reach places, as they don’t require digging or transplanting. They’re easy to make, and you only need three ingredients.
You’ll need seeds, preferably from native flowers or attractive pollinator varieties; potting soil; air dry clay; a baking sheet; water; and
a food scale to get
proportions right.
Measure 4 ounces of clay and flatten it into a circle. Add 1 ounce of potting soil and some drops of water to the clay's surface and knead everything together until combined.
Roll this mixture into a ball and add 1 ounce of seeds to the surface. Press the seeds lightly into the ball so they can easily be released into the soil when thrown.
Repeat these steps to make multiple bombs and allow them to dry for three to five days on the baking sheet. They must be hardened before using to prevent them from breaking.
Throw a couple in sparse or hard-to-reach areas in your garden that still receive adequate sunlight and allow rainwater to wash over them, working them into the soil.