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Why You Should Use Hairspray To Clean Nail Polish Off Wood Surfaces
Fun, colorful nail polish looks great on your nails, but it can be disastrous when spilt on wooden furniture or floors. Instead of anxiously wiping it up or throwing damaging nail polish remover on it, try this solution to keep your wood furniture looking brand new.
First, determine what type of wood you have by looking at its grain type — the larger the grain, the deeper the nail polish may have penetrated your floor. Then, gather cotton swabs or cloths and aerosol hairspray to safely remove the stain.
For dried spills, spray the area with your hairspray, and let it sit for up to one minute before dabbing your cotton ball on the stain and wiping in the direction of the wood grain. This may take several rounds before completely eliminating the stain, and you can also try using a cotton cloth dipped in hot, soapy water along with the hairspray.
For spills that are still wet, run and grab some white sugar to pour over the spill. It will absorb the nail polish and form hard clumps that you can easily sweep up without ruining your floors or furniture.