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Why You Should Use Perennial Geraniums As A Ground Cover
Switching from a traditional grass lawn to hardy geraniums is an excellent choice. They spread quickly, offer lush green foliage and vibrant summer flowers, and require low upkeep.
Hardy geraniums grow rhizomes that help them survive winter and return each spring. They are also capable of self-seeding, so they can cover an area in a short time.
The plant has over 250 species that tolerate a variety of temperatures. Geranium sanguineum is hardy down to USDA zone 3, while Geranium Rozanne can only tolerate down to zone 5.
Hardy geraniums need six hours of sunlight and moist, fertile soil. Ensure the soil drains well and has a stable pH to avoid excess moisture around the roots and rhizomes.
When planting geraniums, daily maintenance helps them bloom longer and cover areas better. However, even without daily care, they will still create a beautiful ground cover.