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Why You Should Use Vodka To Clean Up Mildew In
Your Home
If you are out of the usual hardcore cleaners such as bleach, vodka can be a great way to rid yourself of pesky mildew. This alcohol is particularly effective for cleaning mildew from your bathroom tiles and the protective caulking surrounding your bathtub, shower, or sinks.
Spray or pour on some vodka and let it sit for around 10 minutes, which will help break apart the chalky substance and make it easier to wipe away. Additionally, if you’re sensitive to chemicals and prefer to use natural ingredients, you can use the powerful spirit to do some of the work that you would otherwise save for vinegar.
Vodka can be ideal to use to disinfect your kitchen and clean cutting boards. It can also help get rid of greasy fingerprints from mirrors and windows, and it can even be paired with a few drops of essential oils in a spritz bottle to act as a natural air freshener.