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Why You Should Use Vodka To Refresh Your Mattress
Every night, mattresses accumulate a lot of sweat and dead skin cells which can lead to your mattress becoming home to millions of dust mites and bacteria. However, with its high alcohol content and deodorizing properties, vodka can do wonders for your neglected mattress.
The deodorizing power of vodka makes it a staple in the costuming world as the alcohol kills bacteria, evaporating unsavory smells. To use it on your mattress, fill a spray bottle with cheap vodka and lightly spray it directly onto the mattress, letting it air dry completely before making your bed.
If your linen closet has left your sheets smelling drab, you can also spritz them with vodka and a few drops of essential oil. You can even take it into your bathroom to fight mildew, skip laundry day, or get rid of carpet stains, and after all of that, you can use that vodka to reward yourself with a refreshing cocktail.