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Why You Should Wash New Bedding Before Putting It On Your Bed
Bedding brands agree that washing new bedding before using it is highly recommended. Doing so will protect you by washing away invisible hazards such as germs and chemicals.
For example, many manufacturers use formaldehyde to achieve a “wrinkle-free” finish. There may also be excess textile dyes that could cause allergic reactions in some people.
Before the bedding reaches the store, it may be exposed to unclean conditions, bugs, dust, germs, and countless people at the manufacturing plant, warehouse, or shipping yard.
To wash new bedding, assess the type of fabric the material is made from. Cotton sheets should be washed in hot water, while silk or satin sheets should be laundered in cold water.
The one possible exception to these guidelines is a goose- or duck-down duvet. Makers of this type of feather-filled bedding recommend taking it to the dry cleaners instead.