Liquid detergent being poured into the lid of a laundry detergent dispenser.
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Why You Should Wash Your Clothes With The Laundry Detergent Lid
When the lid of a laundry detergent bottle is used to pour liquid into the washing machine, it inevitably retains some soap, which in time builds up and creates a goopy mess.
One remedy for this, shared by TikToker @hellokristen, is to throw the cap, cup, or lid into the washing machine with your laundry once you’ve poured the detergent in.
The machine will disperse the detergent during the wash cycle and clean the cap. This is a time-saving alternative to rinsing your detergent lid at a nearby sink after every use.
Some detergents stick to the measuring cup, which means less liquid for your laundry. Tossing the lid into the machine will ensure more soap reaches your clothes.
After removing your laundry and lid from the appliance, be sure to let the lid air dry before placing it back on your bottle.