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Why You Shouldn't Drain Your Pool During The Winter
It could be easier to drain your swimming pool until you need it again in the summer, but clearing out the water could damage the entire pool. Instead, make sure it's secure at every corner so that debris or snow doesn't make its way inside, and ensure that the pool parts, such as the pumps, are completely clear of water so that it doesn't freeze and damage the pipes.
Due to its pressure and weight, water prevents the pool from lifting off the ground, and without anything holding it down, the entire structure can be damaged. If a pool doesn't have water or a cover, the sun beats down on the inside, causing the liner to fade and crack, and once it is damaged, it can be expensive to replace or repair.
Draining the water every winter will cause more pollutants to be exposed to the environment, hurting anyone drinking the water, like animals, and wasting gallons of water. A pool's water should be drained and refilled every five to seven years, so simply keeping it filled and leaving the chemicals will keep the pH levels balanced throughout the season.