A woman mopping the kitchen floor
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Why You Shouldn't Use Boiling Water To Mop Your Floors
Mopping floors with boiling water has become a popular online trend. However, it's wise to steer clear of this method, especially if your floors are made of hardwood or vinyl.
As Kendra Hennessy, a cleaning professional and homemaker coach, points out in a TikTok post, mopping your floors with boiling water is almost guaranteed to do more harm than good.
It's no secret that water can ruin unsealed hardwood floors, but even sealed hardwood floors are susceptible to damage, as the sealant itself can be impaired by hot water.
For vinyl flooring, the glue used to secure the vinyl can be damaged by boiling water. In fact, this hack can jeopardize most floors, forcing you to redo the flooring altogether.
While some proponents of the hack argue they've not had any issues, Hennessy underscores that this is a latent problem where negative effects aren't visible "until it's too late."