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Why You Shouldn’t Vacuum Up Coffee Grounds
Although spilled coffee grounds might seem like an easy thing for vacuum cleaners to pick up, they actually have the power to permanently damage your device.
The remains of coffee grounds can get sucked into a vacuum’s motor and burn it out. They also cause clogs, decrease efficiency, and allow fine particles
to escape into the air.
If you continue to use your vacuum with congested air filters, you’ll experience a loss of suction, and over time your machine can inadvertently become a source of air pollution.
Sucking up wet coffee grounds can turn your vacuum into a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Damp items can coat the inside of its inner components and remain trapped there.
This dark, humid environment is ideal for spawning mold. As the fungus matures and builds up inside of the vacuum, it forces the motor to work too hard and shortens its life.
If a mold-infested vacuum continues to be used to clean, it can spread spores where they can settle and propagate new clusters, which will affect the health of your household.