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Why You'll Want To Have A Can Of WD-40 On Hand When Trimming Bushes
Regularly lubricating your electric trimmer with WD-40 offers several advantages. First, it prolongs the life of your trimmer and ensures it is running in optimum condition.
As trimmers often encounter moisture while cutting through foliage, they are susceptible to rusting. Since WD-40 is designed to displace water, it can ward off this rust formation.
Over time, trimmers can accumulate sap and debris, leading to dulled blades and extra strain on the motor. Applying WD-40 before and after each use can prevent this wear and tear.
To apply, make sure your trimmer is unplugged or removed from its battery to prevent accidental activation. Then, liberally spray WD-40 on the blade.
Once done, turn the trimmer back on and let the blades run for 10 seconds to help disperse it across the teeth. This simple care routine will keep the trimmer in
top condition.