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Why You'll Want To Have A Paper Bag On Hand When Mixing Paint
Mixing paint is often messy and time-consuming, but by using a paper bag, you can reduce direct contact with the paint, resulting in less mess on hands, clothes, and surfaces.
This also eliminates the need for extra tools like trays or buckets. All you need is a bag that’s large enough to accommodate your paint can and sturdy enough to hold its weight.
Place the can inside the bag, and fold the bag’s top over its rim. Attach the paddle to an electric drill, immerse it into the can, and watch as any messes are caught in the bag.
Make sure your paddle is appropriate for the paint can size and the type of paint you are using, and carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions for attaching it to the drill.
Using a drill makes things much easier and works well with a paper bag. Upon completion, slowly remove the mixing paddle and lift the bag by its handles for proper disposal.