A man painting a ceiling
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Why You’ll Want To Paint Your Ceiling First Before Your Walls
If you paint your walls first, the ceiling will look dull and faded by comparison. By painting your ceiling first, you’ll create a unified, seamless space that feels fresh and new.
As you paint the ceiling, overspray will affix itself to your walls and drip down. Paint your ceiling first so you can conceal these drips when you paint your walls.
Ceilings are also trickier to paint, so save yourself from frustration by painting them first. There will be less need to be meticulous, and you can get the job done efficiently.
After you complete your ceilings, you’ll want to let them thoroughly dry before painting your walls. Two hours in between coats of paint is the ideal wait time.
If you paint too soon, your wall paint may bleed into your ceiling paint. You can also paint your walls after an hour if the ceiling paint is dry to the touch.