A patchy lawn
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Why Your Lawn Looks So Patchy (And What To Do About It)
It’s ideal to have a nice, healthy, evenly-colored, and level lawn. However, sporadic patches of growth may scatter throughout your turf for many reasons, but you can remedy this.
These thick patches of dense grass may vary in color and texture compared to the rest of the lawn, and they can be caused by some areas getting more sunlight, water, or nutrients.
If intrusive grass is the culprit, and it’s not too sizable, remove it with a spade. You can also use non-selective herbicides such as glyphosates, which will kill off the patch.
Dog urine can also cause your lawn to look uneven, since it contains nitrogen that acts as a natural fertilizer. You may notice the grass seems fuller where your dog has urinated.
To counterbalance the effect of dog urine, rinse the urine when it comes in contact with your lawn. You can also apply fertilizer to your entire turf to make it grow evenly.
If tufts of grass sprout up with a ring of mushrooms, you have fairy rings from decaying matter below the thatching. Bust them up and apply fertilizer to mask the discoloration.
You should routinely check the pH of your soil to see if there’s an even balance of all the vital nutrients your lawn needs. Your soil should maintain a pH between 6.5 and seven.
If you’re still getting sporadic patches on your lawn, check to see if your sprinklers are working properly. Call in an irrigation service technician to check things out if needed.