Orange orchid in bloom
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Why Your Orchid Leaves Are Turning Yellow
There are several reasons why your orchid’s leaves might be turning yellow, including issues with watering, sunlight, or disease.
As orchids age, older leaves near the base of the plant turn yellow and fall off. This process is normal and new leaves will grow where the old ones were.
What's not normal is if the plant's leaves turn yellow due to overexposure to the sun. If your orchid is in direct sunlight, the leaves may burn, making them yellow with spots.
Keeping the temperature of your home below 60 degrees Fahrenheit can also contribute to an orchid yellowing, as it is a tropical plant and doesn't interact well with chilliness.
Over- or underwatering an orchid will cause its leaves to turn yellow as well. Try correcting your watering habits, and make sure your home is warm enough.
Disease is another culprit of yellow leaves. Orchids can develop fungal infections that make the bottoms of the leaves yellow, so take action to diagnose and correct any issues.