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Why Your Order Of Cleaning Actually Matters
When faced with a dirty home and guests about to arrive, many homeowners find themselves running from one chore to the next at random, but this is not the best way to clean a space. Completing tasks out of order can be counterproductive, so cleaning each room, and your whole home, in a particular order is essential.
Cleaning randomly may mess up something you already cleaned — if you wipe down your coffee table before cleaning the ceiling fan, dust may fall onto the table and make more work for you. You should also use dry tools before wet ones to eliminate large debris before you freshen up the space with a household cleaner.
It's also important to stick to a routine for the whole home, like cleaning the bathroom before the bedroom, since it’s used daily, becomes dirty fast, and takes more time and energy to clean well. If you're cleaning your entire home, Modern Maids suggests prioritizing bathrooms and kitchens, and saving the bedrooms for last.