Deer fawn in lush green yard
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Yard Pests Won't Touch This Beautiful Ornamental Plant
If pansies and tulips are the potato chips of deer snacks, rose campions, short-lived perennials that grow well in many parts of the country, are more akin to celery sticks.
Rose campions are low-maintenance, tolerate drought, and thrive in the sun. These hardy flowers often remain evergreen in warmer climates and require well-draining soil.
Their attractive, spreading mounds make them a good choice for rock gardens, beds, and borders. Although their flowers have no scent, they still attract butterflies and bees.
While their silver-green, lace-like leaves and bold magenta flowers contrast nicely with other yellow- or blue-blooming garden plants, deer won’t touch them due to their texture.
Deer avoid most plants with fuzzy, prickly, spiny, or bristly leaves and stems. Rose campions’ leaves and stems are covered in dense and sticky hairs that they dislike eating.