A crepe myrtle tree in a yard
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You May Reconsider Planting A Crepe Myrtle Tree After Knowing This
Crepe myrtle trees are known for their vibrant colors and low-maintenance nature, but they come with a caveat: They can create quite a mess if planted in less-than-ideal spots.
These trees drop petals, leaves, and seed pods, cluttering walkways, driveways, porches, and other solid surfaces, thus requiring frequent cleanup throughout the growing season.
Moreover, the dry pods serve as winter foods for certain birds, leading to bird droppings. To avoid these issues, plant crepe myrtles away from walkways and other solid surfaces.
Planting crepe myrtle trees in your front yard could be a strategic choice, as fallen petals and leaves blend into the lawn and can be easily managed with regular mowing.
Choosing a dwarf or semi-dwarf variety for mulched flower beds is also a smart move since any mess they create is limited and will naturally decompose without spreading too far.