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You Need To Try These Genius Zip Tie Hacks In Your Home & Garden
Clean Drain Clogs
Grab a long zip tie (or tie several short ones together), then use a pair of scissors, a box cutter, or wire cutters to cut small diagonal slits into the zip tie.
Insert the zip tie into your drain and move it around to allow it to catch hair and other gunk that may be clogging your drain. Your drain should be working fine now.
Baby-Proof Cabinets
Baby-proof cabinets affordably without using drills or screws. If you have cabinets with two handles near each other, simply tie the zip around both handles.
If your cabinet has just one knob, fasten the zip tie around the knob and another part of the cabinet that is sturdy. Then, tighten the zip tie until the doors can't be opened.
Organize Tools
With just a few zip ties, you can get your garden tools organized. A simple way to do so is bundling your garden tools and tying a zip tie around them tightly.
Alternatively, place an open zip tie through a hole in a pegboard and pull it out through another hole. Use another zip to create a loop, then hang the tools on this loop.
Hang Curtains
Zip ties are the perfect stand-in if you need to hang a shower curtain in a pinch. They also come in handy if you've lost or broken your existing shower curtain rings.
Simply put a zip tie through one of the holes at the top of your shower curtain and fasten it around the shower rod. As a bonus, the zip ties also won't rust or corrode.
Support Plants
Zip ties can help your plants stand strong and healthy. Simply wrap a zip tie around a plant's stem and a fence, stake, or trellis, then fasten it.
This allows your plant to grow straight up as opposed to bending and becoming crooked. This can also help you train your plants to grow in the shape and direction you want.