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You Probably Didn't Know The Microwave
In Your Home Can Do This
Being able to cook your lunch in three minutes is just the tip of the iceberg for microwave ovens. Of course, they can also defrost meat and reheat leftovers, but did you know you can also use your microwave to dye fabric, salvage dried makeup, sanitize a kitchen sponge, or reconstitute bars of soap?
To dye fabrics in the microwave, dunk them in a water and dye mixture and zap them. Similarly, a candle's wax-coated jar can be rendered pristine in your microwave, a sponge can become bacteria-free (as long as it doesn’t have a metal scrub pad), and a microwave-safe kiln kit can melt glass to create jewelry.
Some more microwave uses you might not have thought of include creating foam for cappuccino or lattes, turning beef into jerky, drying and powdering herbs, restoring crystallized honey, and re-granulating solid blocks of brown sugar. You can also husk garlic and corn, proof yeast for baking, and much more.