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You Probably Didn't Know The Stove Top In Your Home Can Do This
There are two basic types of stoves, electric-powered and gas-powered stovetops; an electric stovetop tends to heat items at a slower pace but is easy to clean, and gas stovetops need to be lit with a match to get started. Stovetops can cook nearly any meal you desire, but they’re also capable of so much more than that.
Try utilizing the open flame on your gas stovetop to bring out a fantastic smokey flavor in your vegetables. First, turn on your overhead hood fan, then get a pair of tongs and a metal mesh cooking rack, lay your veggies over the mesh, and cook them quickly over the flame until you’ve reached the optimal charred look.
In addition to cooking, you can make a simmer pot by boiling a combination of fragrant ingredients on low heat to release scents into the air. Simmer pots use fresh, natural components, like cinnamon, apples, lemon, mint, and nutmeg to create an environmentally-friendly air freshener.