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You Probably Didn't Know The Vacuum Cleaner In Your Home Can Do This
Around 50 million vacuum cleaners are sold in the United States every year, and the gadget is the go-to appliance in 98% of American households. As we all know, a vacuum cleaner works by sucking up dust and other small particles, but you might not know that the vacuum also has the ability to do this.
Use your vacuum cleaner to locate and rescue small items lost in your home by covering the hose with old leggings and fastening it, or freshen up a room by sprinkling baking soda on pillows or fabrics, wiping it off, and following up with a vacuum. To make your house smell nice, infuse a cotton ball with essential oil and put it into an empty vacuum cleaner bag.
Vacuums can also remove stains, be used on a refrigerator’s coils or condenser, suck up lint from a dryer vent, groom your pets, and dust off electric keyboards. When vacuuming, it’s important to avoid anything that is sharp, wet, or potentially harmful to the hose like broken glass, coffee grounds, makeup, or coins.