A dark curtain draped over a window
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You Should Think Twice Before Adding Dark Curtains To Your Living Room
Since most people want their living rooms to feel lively, it’s best to avoid dark curtains, as their natural hues tend to drain the room’s light and energy.
Per UCLA Health, being in natural light has proven benefits for mental and physical health and can even lessen the risk of depression, which makes dark curtains a costly choice.
Placing dark curtains in a household gathering space can dampen the mood and sap your energy, and this is true not just for black colors but darker shades as a whole.
Interior designer Carlin van Noppen says to avoid dark blue shades in a room with little natural light, as "[t]hey can appear dominating and will make the space seem even darker."
Even browns, greens, and other dark neutrals aren’t ideal, argues interior designer Dustin Gerken, who warns against placing these colors "in a light-filled, stark room."