A multicolored assortment of pool noodles
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You Won't Believe How Chic This Pool Noodle Vase Hack Is
TikTok's @nittas_homeandstyle demonstrated how you can use pool noodles and a few other affordable materials to make a chic, decorative vase that can elevate a room's aesthetics.
First, gather eight standard-size pool noodles, duct tape, Rust-Oleum gold spray, and a glue gun. Then, cut the pool noodles at 20, 24, 28, 32, and 36 inches in length.
Tape their ends together to form them into circles, and stack them in decreasing sizes from bottom to top, making a triangle. You'll be making two triangles with five rows each.
Next, add a square of tape where the hot glue will go so the pool noodles don't melt. Then, glue them all together in their separate sets, starting with the biggest pool noodles.
Join both triangles together by their bigger ends using the glue gun, forming a diamond with open ends at the top and bottom. Apply the gold spray all over, and your vase is ready.
To customize your vase, choose thinner pool noodles to make the vase’s rims smaller, change the color of paint to fit your aesthetic, or fill the vase with a different decoration.