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You Won't Clean Your Carpet If You Make This Baking Soda Mistake
Baking soda is a natural, powerful cleaner that absorbs stains and odors so you can vacuum them away when dry. The trick is knowing how long to let it sit on the carpet to work.
The time you need to let the baking soda sit depends on the type of stain you're treating. If it's a greasy food stain, use a cloth or sponge to remove as much of it as possible.
Dab the stain without rubbing, then cover it with baking soda. Leave it overnight or longer to absorb the stain, and vacuum thoroughly, repeating if needed.
For non-greasy stains, like soda, pet urine, or mud, scrape any solid material off with a knife, blot up any liquid with an absorbent cloth, and sprinkle baking soda all over it.
Spray the baking soda with water to dampen it, then scrub the stain gently with a brush or cloth. Leave the baking soda to sit for three hours or more, and vacuum when dry.
To use baking soda as a carpet deodorizer, vacuum and sprinkle it over the whole carpet, applying extra on smelly areas. Leave for 15 minutes or longer, then vacuum again.
It should be noted that testing on an inconspicuous spot before using baking soda on your rugs is essential. If the color does not fade, proceed with the cleaning method.