Man mowing his lawn
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You'll Be The Talk Of The Neighborhood With These Lawn Mowing Patterns
This simple pattern is great for beginners. Mow in a straight line from one edge of the yard, then head back the way you came, overlapping your lines slightly.
For this print, mow stripes across your lawn. After you finish the entire lawn, turn your mower 90 degrees and repeat the process in the opposite direction.
Curves can come about naturally if you're working to avoid an obstacle like a tree or a playhouse, or you can create them artificially for decorative purposes.
Diamonds are very similar to a checkerboard pattern, but instead of turning 90 degrees to complete your second pass, you turn 45 degrees.
For this pattern, simply spiral outward from the middle of the lawn or inward from the edges. With this simple design, you won't ever have to stop and change directions.