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You'll Need These 4 Power Tools To DIY A Backyard Patio
Hiring a professional to build a patio can cost around $4,000. Fortunately, you can DIY a backyard patio for a fraction of the cost with the help of four essential
power tools.
First, a walk-behind sod cutter efficiently removes grass and dirt, creating a smooth base layer for the patio. You can rent it for about $100 per day or purchase it for $5,500.
Second, a plate compactor is crucial for compressing the sand and gravel base, ensuring the pavers stay in place. It costs just under $100 per day to rent or at least $350 to buy.
Third, a paver saw cuts and shapes paver stones, providing clean and smooth edges. This saw can be rented for approximately $100 per day, though buying one would cost over $1,400.
Finally, a grinder is useful for removing bumps and rough edges on paver stones, ensuring a smooth finish. This tool costs around $35 per day to rent and about $200 to buy.