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You'll Want To Head To Ikea After Seeing These Clever Kallax Hacks
Storage Bench
To turn a Kallax into a storage bench, flip it horizontally on its side, paint it, add a piece of wood as a seat on the top, and finish it with molding.
Children's Storage
You can use the Kvissle letter tray and the Kallax insert with one shelf to transform the shelving unit into a functional children's storage for the playroom.
Fluted Cabinet
To create playroom storage, use the Kvissle letter tray, Kallax insert with one shelf, fluting on the facade with handles, and feet below.
Bed Storage
Arrange two one-by-three Kallax shelf units together for the bed's head (for six cubes), then add three one-by-four Kallax units to form the mattress frame.
You'll have two cubes open at the bed's head for nightstands. Connect everything and install a few beams for the mattress to create a chic bed with storage.
Understairs Storage
Modify a Kallax shelf with wheels so it rolls out from under the stairs for easier access. Cover it in a shiplap to fit the angle of the space under the stairs.
Install a second Kallax, cut at an angle to use as exposed shelving. Finally, add some molding and a coat of paint so it looks like an expensive built-in storage.