A crepe myrtle tree producing colorful flowers during summer
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Your Crepe Myrtle Trees Will Thrive With This Helpful Tip
For successful crepe myrtle trees, understanding the basic requirements for planting is key. These trees thrive in full sun and need at least six hours of direct sunlight daily.
Adequate spacing and well-draining soil are essential for optimal growth. Avoid over-fertilization, as it can hinder blooming, but consider mulching to support soil health.
If you need to transplant a crepe myrtle tree, timing is crucial. Aim for autumn when the tree is dormant but the soil is still warm or early spring before it begins new growth.
Crepe myrtle trees benefit from annual trimming in late winter. Focus on removing damaged or diseased branches, and limit pruning to no more than 25% of the tree's mass in a year.
During pruning check for common issues like powdery mildew by looking for clusters of white or gray powder. Promptly remove the affected parts and consider fungicidal treatment.