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Your Home Will Smell
Like Fresh
Baked Cookies
With One
Simple Trick
You can give your home the delicious scent of cookies without having to excel at baking with only a little vanilla extract and the lighting fixture of your choice.
To get that bakery smell, use an eyedropper and place one or two drops of vanilla extract onto each light bulb, then insert them back into your light fixtures as normal.
Another option is to soak a cotton ball in your vanilla extract, then rub it all around the largest part of the bulb. This will prevent the liquid from dripping off the bulbs.
When your lights are on, the electricity heats the light bulbs to high temperatures, and the heat releases the vanilla extract’s signature aroma into the air.
The vanilla scent won't linger nearly as long as your bulbs will last, so you'll need to reapply whenever you want to revive that lovely bakery aroma throughout your home.