Hydrangea bush with blue blooms
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Your Hydrangea Plants Will
Love These 12 Ground Cover Plants
Blue Fescue
This classic ground cover features beautiful silvery-blue grass that grows just under 12 inches tall. Its needs are very similar to hydrangeas, making them compatible.
Carex Sedges
This eco-friendly and low-maintenance alternative to a traditional grass lawn is a great choice to bring texture, color, and ground coverage to a hydrangea garden bed.
Buffalo Grass
Left untouched, buffalo grass blades grow up to 12 inches long. As their tips curl over, they form a soft blanket of ground cover that perfectly offsets hydrangeas.
Red Clover
If your hydrangeas are growing in partial shade, red clover can help lock in soil moisture, prevent weeds from taking over, and add nitrogen to the earth.
Catmint’s fast-growing, sun-tolerant, and long-lasting purple blooms are perfect for filling up empty spaces in your garden between hydrangea blooming periods.