A messy filled garage
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Your Messy Garage Is No Problem For IKEA’s Trofast System
Organizing a messy garage can be daunting, but with the IKEA Trofast system, you can sort everything easily. It offers a stylish storage solution with six cubbies for just $91.
The unit comes in two color schemes and is 39 inches wide and 11 ¾ inches high, so there’s space for various garage items. Avoid loading it too much or getting it wet, though.
Install your Trofast on the wall to free up floor space, and use an anchor or bolt to secure it. If you need extra units, try installing them side by side or above one another.
You can use each Trofast unit for a specific project and label every basket. To keep them clean, line the baskets with kitchen cabinet liners, or just wipe them with a damp cloth.