Stainless metal kitchen sink and drainage close up shot wet with water drops.
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Your Sink Drain Will Dazzle With Tiktok's Ingenious Cleaning Tip
Reaching the nooks and crannies of the drain's rim can be difficult, but TikTok's "CleanTok" offers an easy solution using baking soda, a multi-purpose cleaner, and a brush.
First, if you have a non-removable drain plug, as
is common in bathroom sinks, push it down completely. This will provide you with a smooth surface to easily clean.
Give the drain a generous sprinkling of baking soda before dousing it with a multi-purpose cleaner. Use a detail-cleaning brush or even an old toothbrush to scrub the drain's rim.
You'll notice gunk and grime release into the paste. Give it a thorough scouring with the brush, then rinse and polish it with a microfiber cloth for a sparkling finish.
Applying baking soda
first and then the cleaner creates a paste that works as an abrasive to break down the grime but isn't so abrasive that it'll scratch the sink or drain finish.
A scrubbing brush lets
you reach the crevices between the drain, rim, and sink. To avoid scratching the sink, use a brush with
a small head and soft to medium bristles.