A snake coiled up in the garden
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Your Sprinklers May Be Attracting Snakes To Your Lawn. Here's How
It's easy to overwater your lawn, say, by forgetting to turn off sprinklers when there's rain in the forecast. Unfortunately, a wet yard creates a hospitable place for snakes.
Damp grass could take days, if not weeks, to dry out or could waterlog your lawn for even longer. Both scenarios create an ideal oasis for snakes, attracting them to your property.
Water is crucial to snakes, as they need it to regulate their body temperature and help with their metabolism. They seek yards that have any standing water or overly soggy areas.
Yards with water also tend to attract animals like frogs, rodents, bugs, or even birds, all of which snakes see as prey. So, these wet areas become even more desirable to snakes.