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You're Not Allowed To Collect Rain Water In These Areas
While it may seem logical and more sustainable to collect and use rainwater, you should know that many areas across the United States regulate this practice.
Nearly half of the 50 states have regulations around rainwater collection, which stem from concerns over improper collection and storage, pest control, and potential illnesses.
States with rainwater restrictions include California, Colorado, Georgia, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Vermont, with varying degrees of severity.
Many of the restricted states are in the Western half of the country, where water shortages are more common and rainwater is relied on for municipal water supplies.
Government limits on rainwater collection dictate how the preserved water should be gathered and used rather than where you should or shouldn't gather it.
Common restrictions include only using the rainwater outdoors, rather than for indoor uses like drinking, cooking, or cleaning, as rainwater can easily become contaminated.
Some states also limit the amount of rainwater residents can collect as a way to ensure water remains a readily accessible resource for all locals.