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You've Been Cleaning Your Bathroom Shower Doors Wrong This Entire Time
Bathrooms aren't the easiest places to clean, as they're prone to grime and scum buildup, which can take a lot of muscle power to banish. However, that's not the only thing you have to struggle with, as you also have to battle streaks that are left behind — but dryer sheets can help with that.
Rather than using streak-producing paper towels on glass surfaces, you can use dryer sheets instead. In fact, a TikTok user created a helpful tutorial on the platform to show how dryer sheets cut through hard water stains on shower doors.
In the tutorial, the TikTok user grabs a dryer sheet from its packaging, dampens it under the sink faucet, and uses it to clean the shower door using a circular motion. The hard water stains disappear immediately, revealing a sparkling shower door.