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8 Ingenious Ways To Repurpose An Old Belt Around The House
Napkin Rings
Cut the belt into a 3-inch strip, super glue the ends together with 1 inch of overlap, and clip it to stay in place. Once it dries, slip your napkin through the ring.
Drawer Handle
For a standard-size drawer, cut the belt into a 4-inch strip, leaving the edges straight or trimmed round for added style. Then, screw each end to the cabinet.
Knife Block
For a decorative statement piece, tie cookbooks of varying sizes and colors together vertically with the belt, then slip your knives between the pages.
Plant Hanger
To make a hanger that’s customized to your planter, make an X with two old belts and place the planter on top of where they intersect.
Cut all four ends of the belts to 1½ inches above the pot's edge, then fold and super glue them to make loops. Thread twine through each loop and knot all the strings over the pot.
Mirror Hook
To upcycle an old mirror with a stylish frame, wrap a belt around it, buckle it, then hang it on a wall from the belt. Glue the belt to the mirror for extra support.