An organized kitchen drawer with silverware
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Make The Most Of Cabinet Storage With This Diagonal Drawer Trick
Longer kitchen utensils sometimes can’t fit into standard cabinet drawers, but organizing them in your drawers diagonally will give you much more usable storage space.
Make your own diagonal drawer divider using MDF craft board, a miter box, and wood glue. For less than $40 for all the materials, you could make several dividers.
Measure the inside of your drawer, and cut your craft board to those lengths, shaving an extra ¼ inch off each side. Glue the boards into a frame, and tape them in place until dry.
On paper, outline the dimensions of your drawer, then draw and measure where you want the divider lines to be. Cut the board using the miter box to create 45-degree corners.
Finally, glue the dividers into the frame, apply extra glue along the outer seams, wipe away the excess, and tape them until dry. The dividers should slip easily into your drawers.