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Try This Simple Bath Mat Trick For A Luxurious Bathroom Look
If you want to curate a luxurious bathroom aesthetic within your budget, consider using the bath mat layering trick. The idea is to place one mat over the other to add dimension.
Layering adds extra visual impact while feeling extra cozy. You can also incorporate mats with practical qualities like non-slip for the bottom layer for added protection.
Start by picking out a theme for your bathroom. Then, place a sufficiently-sized bath mat on the floor, preferably one with tassels or a design that sticks out from underneath.
Next, add a smaller and contrasting rug over the other. Ideally, the bottom mat should still stick out from under the top, while the top rug adds a pop of color.
You can use contrasting shades like pink and green or blue and yellow, or even go for more neutral shades like beige and dark brown or white and black. Feel free to experiment.