Get A Chic Stone Bath Mat For Less With This Simple DIY

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If you tend to slip and slide in the bathroom during shower hour, you know how important it is to have the proper accessories like bath mats. Mats are helpful when it comes to preventing falls, which is the most common cause of bathroom injuries in the country, according to the CDC. The good news is that using a bath mat doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your bathroom's lovely aesthetic or dig too deep into your pockets. If you're looking for a way to improve the décor in your bathroom, while staying safe and on your feet, you could put together a DIY chic stone bath mat by gluing river stones or pebbles onto a regular rubber bath mat.

Instead of replacing your old bathroom mat, adding a stony touch is guaranteed to elevate the aesthetic of your bathroom. There's something pure and earthy about using natural furnishing in your bathroom. Moreover, a pebble bath mat adds another solid layer to the mat, resulting in less water spillage on the floor. Stepping on stones has also been linked to an improvement in mental health and anxiety. This creative bathroom idea only needs a few items and is quick to make, but it should last for years to come.

Glue the pebbles to the mat in your own design

Creating your very own DIY stone bath mat isn't a difficult process but you will need to do some digging — on the internet, if not in your yard — for suitable pebbles to use, enough to fill a medium-sized bucket. Just make sure they are weathered and smooth — you don't want to step on hard, jagged rocks and risk injuring yourself. You'll also have to get a caulking gun, bath silicone as glue, clear matte spray paint, and a knife or blade to slice open the tube of silicone.

According to the YouTube Post, the first thing you want to do is engage the tube of silicone into the caulking gun so that you can use it like a glue gun. Squirt out some silicone onto each pebble and stick them to the mat. Make sure the ones around the edges are lined up evenly. Once you're done gluing the rocks, give it a generous coating of the spray paint and let it dry.

Remember that you're customizing the mat to fit the color scheme of your bathroom so look for river stones that match. You can find different assortments of colors like these mixed tan and gray pebbles from Amazon, or their black counterparts. If you want a sophisticated look, Amazon also sells these obsidian stones, or a mixture of highly polished rocks