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Use Less Paper Towels With This Money-Saving DIY
Save with the super- simple sewing project by TikTok maker @basscreationshandmade.
Her reusable kitchen towels are made of two flannel and cotton terry rectangles sewn together.
This absorbent cloth wipe lets you eliminate or reduce paper towel usage, and you can also vary the size to make, for example, reusable wipes for cloth-diapered babies.
You'll need a sewing machine and accessories. Cut the flannel and terry cloth to size and pin the right sides (the patterned sides you want to face outwards later).
Sew around the perimeter with a ½-inch seam allowance, leaving an opening of a few inches. Turn your "bag" right side out through this opening, then iron the edges flat.
Topstitch around the edge with a ⅛-inch seam allowance, then topstitch from corner to corner in a big X shape to keep the two cloth rectangles together. Your wipe is ready to use.
Push out the corners of the towel with chopsticks or a skewer to get sharp corners. Also, iron it to align and neaten all edges before you topstitch the wipe closed.