20 Rooms That Will Make You Want To Use Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper

As you're probably aware, wallpaper is back in style. However, we're not talking about the same wallpaper that was used in your grandparents' home. Now, many people are deciding to use peel-and-stick options, according to Artemis, because this new type is easy to apply and remove, is renter-friendly, and is more affordable than traditional types. In addition, because you can easily remove it, it's great for those who struggle with indecisiveness. Another huge benefit is that this wallpaper kind isn't limited to the small floral prints that were so popular during your grandmother's time. In fact, you could make practically any design or print into a wallpaper — the possibilities are endless.

Wallpaper can be a great way to cover a blank wall, add interest to a boring space, or create a focal point. It could also make your space appear more cohesive by establishing the main color or theme. If you're looking for inspiration, below are 20 rooms displaying beautiful peel-and-stick wallpaper.

1. No pattern necessary

You may be surprised to discover that modern wallpaper doesn't always have a pattern. In fact, it could consist of just one solid color and look like paint. The above wall, however, has subtle texture and dimension. 

2. Large floral piece

Instead of displaying a repeating pattern, some modern wallpapers essentially function as murals with one large design. 

3. Follow a color scheme

As stated, using wallpaper for a portion of a wall is a great way to carry a color theme throughout a space. The above room uses lots of different shades of blue. 

4. Both moody and delicate

Those who love flowers but don't want their room to appear too playful could try out a floral pattern with a dark background. This will mix a moody atmosphere with a delicate appearance, and the contrast is stunning. 

5. Embrace a theme

Peel-and-stick wallpaper can be a great way to carry a theme throughout a room, as the forest pattern does in the bedroom above. 

6. Nature vibes

Choosing a pattern with leaves, branches, flowers, or a landscape will bring a subtle touch of nature inside your home. 

7. Luxurious appearance

Those who love a luxurious design could look into patterns with golden accents, dark tones, and abstract designs. 

8. Geometric pattern

Geometric patterns will provide a space with an orderly but still interesting appearance. To make the look more subtle, choose a wallpaper that only has neutral tones. 

9. Simple design

To keep your room's design simplistic, choose a peel-and-stick wallpaper with a structure that doesn't draw too much attention, such as the polka dot pattern above. 

10. Old-fashioned feel

Smaller floral designs that use older-feeling colors will give your space a retro feel that could be comforting. 

11. Subdued texture

Walls with subdued texture and one color can look gorgeous without demanding attention. The above blue wallpaper would be a great way to bring in a beachy theme, as the texture and color subtly remind the onlooker of ocean waves. 

12. Create a focal point

In modern homes, wallpapers are usually used to create focal points. To do this, only apply it to the main wall in the room and keep the rest of the walls in a simple paint color. 

13. A patterned kitchen

While uncommon, some decide to add wallpaper to a wall in their kitchen. This would give your space an extra intentional appearance. 

14. Retro vibes

You can make your room feel more cohesive by pairing your wallpaper with furniture that matches the vibe, like in the retro space above. 

15. Subtle shapes

Wallpapers that have patterns with small, thin lines create subtle shapes that add interest without overwhelming the design of the room. 

16. Traditional florals

If you want wallpaper with some grandma nostalgia, choose a design with delicate pinks and small florals. Not only will it give the room a flimsy feeling, but it will also bring calmness to the space.

17. Mesmerizing geometric design

Some geometric designs attract attention and feel mesmerizing, like the one pictured above. This is typically achieved with patterns that utilize two similar dark shades. 

18. Muted design

The above mint green wallpaper, while adding lots of fun color, also provides the room with interesting texture and a dynamic look. 

19. Just in the center

A great benefit of peel-and-stick wallpaper is that it's easy to apply to just one section of a wall. Place it just in the center to create a clear focal point. 

20. Warm-toned walls

To make your space feel more warm and cozy, choose a wallpaper that's mostly made up of a warm-toned tan or brown shade.