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House Digest is your go-to destination for the latest news and expert advice on real estate, remodeling, design, DIY projects, gardening, and so much more. From larger kitchen remodels to simply planning a new garden design, we cover the home inside and out.

Since our launch as part of Static Media in 2021, we've strived to cover everything from the latest trends in home decor and design, to product releases from major retailers like Home Depot, while also providing our readers expert tips and inspiration to help them build a home they love. We offer exclusive interviews with your favorite HGTV stars and home renovation celebrities, as well as step-by-step guides on how to build and repair various areas in your home.

Like our readers, our team of writers and editors are incredibly passionate about home design and renovation. We love to get people involved in the conversation around home and gardening as often as possible, which is why we consult subject matter experts on these topics for firsthand knowledge and sourcing. Our commitment to quality has helped us grow tremendously in a short time, with our website reaching 7 million users each month.

We also firmly believe that anyone can be a designer, which is why all our how-to guides are written to appeal to people with all levels of expertise. Whether you're a professional contractor, a weekend DIY warrior, or simply looking for new ideas, we're here to provide you with resources that help make your house into a home that feels most like you.

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