What's The Best Type Of Bed For A Child's Bedroom? - House Digest Survey

When it comes to choosing a bed for your child, there are more types than you might think, including regular bed frames, bunk beds, storage beds, and trundles, among others. Your preference could be predicated on what you're used to or what you wanted but didn't get as a kid. Space constraints, how many children share the room, and aesthetics come into play as well. 

Of course, availability in the market with vary but styles are usually abundant: rustic, traditional, glam, and modern, to name a few. This might be where you and your child fail to see eye to eye. They love the white-painted piece with rhinestones on the headboard; you'd like a little more flexibility. Picking a style that can grow with them has its merits. Perhaps fun accessories and their favorite color on the walls could create an acceptable compromise. 

Finally, there are a variety of materials such as solid wood, metal, and pressed wood. Because kids are notoriously active, it's a good idea to get a sturdy, well-made piece. Plus, well-crafted furniture is generally constructed with solid wood and traditional joinery; whereas according to Pure Living Space, pressed wood furniture and glues can release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the air. This is an important consideration for children, who spend so much time sleeping and playing in their bedrooms.

To find out the best type of bed for a kid's bedroom, House Digest conducted a survey asking 606 participants their thoughts on the subject. 

These styles received the lowest spots

Of the six options on the survey, loft beds came in last with 7.26% of the total votes. Loft beds offer functionality in small spaces by making room for play, other furniture, or a homework area below. However, safety concerns regarding bed height may have been a factor in its low score. A loft bed set with companion furniture can be a heavy beast that eats up a lot of money; it should be sturdily constructed, and accompanying pieces need to match or it can look like a jumbled mess. 

Next, daybeds received 9.74% of the votes. Yet, they're a comfortable and cozy option, enveloping kids with two or three high sides. Chris Sotz, General Merchandise Manager of Anthropologie explained in House Beautiful, "A daybed is a multifunctional furniture piece perfect for smaller spaces or spaces that need to have a flexible use." Daybeds are like a bed/sofa hybrid and often use a twin mattress. They're an easy way to create a loungey vibe perfect for teens. Are parents worried they mean fewer ways to rearrange the room? 

At 12.71%, trundle beds ranked third from the bottom in our poll. Trundle beds are bed frames on wheels that tuck underneath the primary bed when not in use. They're ideal for sleepovers. However, they require purchasing a second mattress and extra bedding. Additionally, they remove the possibility of storing anything else under the bed.

These options rose to the top

Bunk beds were a popular option and it's easy to understand their appeal as they fit two beds in the footprint required for one. Plus, they're nostalgic for some, with memories centered around siblings and friends. But the top bunk is not easy to make; Bunk Bed King has a page on their site dedicated to tips, including using a step stool and skipping the flat sheet. Further, bunk bed placement is fairly permanent as they're not easy to put together and there are safety factors involved. Apparently, 90 people (14.85%) would still choose them. 

The second-highest ranking pick in our survey was a normal bed with 108, or 17.82%, of replies. Whether twin, full, or queen, this style is the conventional choice. It's adaptable, too, as your child's tastes and needs change. Additionally, it's one of the most available options when shopping.

Finally, the item that hogged the bed poll, at 228 votes (38.62%), was a storage bed. The masses have spoken, and the thing we want most for our kids, besides happiness, is storage. It could be a bookcase headboard, a captain's bed with drawers, or a mattress platform that lifts to reveal a hidden compartment, per Impressive Interior Design. Providing kids with bedroom storage clears up floor space for play, helps instill habits of tidiness, and gives them control over their own space. However, storage beds can be expensive and cumbersome to move.