10 Appliances You Need To Turn Your Ordinary Kitchen Into A Smart Kitchen

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Kitchens are hardworking rooms. Regardless of how many people use the space — whether a busy young professional or a family with a hectic schedule — the kitchen sees plenty of use. That's why it's important the space work smarter and not harder. There has been a rise in smart appliances in recent years that streamline all of the necessary and luxury kitchen functions.

Smart appliances can range in their function with features such as voice assistants, connections to apps and WiFi, customized settings, and auto-sensing. But just having cool technology isn't enough. Smart appliances should also make your life easier in some way. From a countertop espresso maker that starts your coffee with a button to ovens that can start dinner for you, there are plenty of options to make your kitchen work better for you. You can create a completely smart kitchen with each of the appliances on the list or opt for the ones that will make your life personally easier.

1. A smart fridge for food management

It's not uncommon to go grocery shopping, put things away in the fridge, and forget what ingredients and food you have in there. Items can get hidden behind other food when a fridge is overpacked, leading to food waste. A smart fridge can help combat this. For $3,899, Samsung's Family Hub Refrigerator has a camera that lets you see the inside of the fridge from an app on your phone. You can also make shopping lists based on what's inside, leave digital notes for yourself or others, and add events to a calendar.

2. Get a perfect crisp with a smart toaster

Everyone likes their bagels and English muffins toasted a certain way. But the Revolution InstaGLO R180 Toaster ($349.95) takes it to the next level. While typical toasters have toast levels, this toaster allows you to choose the toast level, what type of bread you want to heat, and if the product is fresh or frozen. This toaster can tackle waffles, Pop-Tarts and pastry treats, English muffins, bagels, and, of course, regular bread. The highly customizable settings allow you to get a perfectly-heated product every time.

3. Even cooking with a smart microwave

A good microwave is essential for a busy kitchen. Make this kitchen appliance smarter by choosing one with capabilities that hook up to an Alexa device to make it voice-activated. When connected to an Amazon Echo device, the Toshiba ML-EM34P Microwave ($162) becomes a great kitchen assistant. Use voice commands to start and stop the microwave and set timers. It has over 23 presets, including for foods like pizza and popcorn. It also has humidity sensors that adjust the temperature to ensure proper and even cooking, depending on what you're heating.

4. Easy cleaning with a touch and toucheless faucets

If you haven't upgraded your kitchen with a touchless faucet, here's your sign to do so. These have become more standard in modern kitchens, and with good reason. The Owofan Touchless Kitchen Faucet ($127.97) has a motion sensor that turns the water on when your hand is in front of it. It'll remain on until you wave again to turn it off. But don't worry; this faucet has auto shut off after three minutes of inactivity. The touchless feature is ideal when your hands are full or in a busy kitchen.

5. Sparkling dishes with a smart dishwasher

For those who often cook at home, you know how quickly dishes can pile up. Regardless of how often you run your dishwasher, you want the appliance to reveal sparkling clean dishes once the cycle has finished. The LG Studio Top-Control 24-inch Dishwasher ($1,299) has top-of-the-line cleaning technology. It has QuadWash, a feature that sprays dishes from multiple angles, adjusting water pressure for the top and bottom racks. The TrueSteam feature provides superior drying. And there is a third rack that can adjust to fit any dishes or cookware you have.

6. Cocktails as good as the bar

If you enjoy ending the night with a cocktail or like entertaining your friends, a home cocktail maker is a must. The Bartesian Premium Cocktail Machine ($369.85) is one of the best available. The cocktail maker uses capsules that include all the ingredients besides the liquor. Pop that into the machine, add the alcohol, and you'll have a perfectly mixed drink in only a few seconds. It fits right on a kitchen countertop or a bar and can make a cosmopolitan, margarita, old fashioned, rum breeze, and whiskey sour.

7. At-home coffee shop with a smart coffee maker

Skip the coffee shop line and invest in this smart espresso machine. The Philips 3200 Series Espresso Machine does everything to make your favorite drinks. It grinds beans and froths milk to make barista-quality lattes and cappuccinos. It can also make espressos and Americanos or produce hot water for tea. You can adjust the strength, temperature, and amount of milk for a completely customized cup. And if you're new to making a fancy cup of coffee, the Phillips 3200 Series has an intuitive screen that provides easy-to-follow steps to make every drink.

8. Manage the house from a smart hub

Kitchens are one of the home's busiest areas that get used frequently. That makes this the ideal location to keep track of your family's needs and activities. Use the GE Kitchen Hub ($1,399) to help manage your home. This appliance, which doubles as a hood ventilation system, has a calendar that can help keep your family organized and the capability to manage other appliances like preheating the oven or starting the dryer. Conveniently located over the stove, it's perfect for reading recipes while cooking.

9. Control cooking with smart ovens

The range and oven are central to a kitchen, and if you cook a lot, they should work for you. The Bosch 800 Series Oven ($5,649) is ideal for busy home chefs because it allows you to control cooking and start time from your phone. That means you can put something in the oven and start cooking remotely, so dinner can be fresh and ready when you get home. The oven can choose the heating, temperature, and timing settings based on what you're cooking, monitors humidity, and adjusts accordingly to prevent dry food.

10. Make dinner in a flash with a smart pressure cooker

A quick and easy dinner is essential for busy homeowners and families, and pressure cookers streamline meal preparation. The Ninja Foodi Smart Pressure Cooker ($349.99) has 14 cooking functions, including broiling, roasting, dehydrating, steaming, slow cooking, and proofing. It even has customizable "doneness" levels from rare to well done for four different proteins, so your meat is always done to your liking. The Smart Thermometer provides accurate results when cooking. And with a hands-free steam release, you can place ingredients inside and come back when dinner's ready.