The Stylish Drawer And Cabinet Liner That's Already At Home

Lining your drawers protects the furniture from scratches and dirt. Plus, decorating this hidden spot is a minimalist but bold way to personalize your space with patterns. However, you do not have to splurge on fancy contact paper (that always ends up with air bubbles) or settle for scrap paper to beautify this spot. Gift wrap will do the trick.

Yes, the leftover rolls from birthday celebrations and the holiday season are finally coming in handy. Wrapping paper can double as a backdrop for bookcases, jazz up the inside of drawers, decorate shelves and trays, or bring new life to cabinets. The sheets come in an assortment of designs, so there is sure to be a print that matches your aesthetic. All you need is double-sided tape, scissors, a boxcutter, a ruler, and the wrapping paper of your choice. It is a simple DIY trick that will make a major difference.

Use wrapping paper to line drawers

This rental-friendly DIY option that won't jeopardize your deposit is perfect for any drawer or shelf. After picking out your preferred wrapping paper, you want to cut it to the drawer's size. Measure the width and length of the shelf and add half an inch to each side. The extra room will help with installation and will be removed at the end. Use a ruler and pencil to create a straight outline before cutting the wrapping paper.

Next, line the drawers with double-sided tape. Cover all corners and the center to ensure there is enough tact to secure the gift wrap. Once the tape is down, apply your liner starting with the bottom corner — you can use a credit card or any sturdy straightedge to prevent air bubbles and gaps. After laying the paper, apply slight pressure to seal it down.

Then using the box cutter, trim the excess lining the sides. Now you have beautifully covered cabinets that were easier to wrap than a present.