This Penny Hack Is The Easiest Way To Fix Wobbly Furniture In A Pinch

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There's nothing more annoying than a table or chair that jiggles ever so slightly. If you're tired of wine glasses tipping over on the coffee table or sliding off your sofa due to the wobble, the solution is just a raid of your change jar away. You could, of course, shove a bit of folded-up paper under the offending appendage. However, a more permanent and arguably more aesthetically pleasing alternative to fix a wobbly table or other piece of furniture is to glue a penny or two to the end of the leg.

We say to use a penny, but honestly, any coin or similar thin metal disc will do, including metal washers. Whatever you choose to use, grab a handful of them so you can add more height as needed. You'll also need a sturdy glue, something that works with wood and metal and dries quickly. Invest in a 2-pack of Loctite's Ultra Gel Control Super Glue for under $11 on Amazon. On the other hand, you can go for a more known brand with Gorilla Clear Grip, which comes to $6.58 for 3 fluid ounces at Lowe's. Or, if you have one, grab your hot glue gun and a few glue sticks. A level tool also comes in handy if you're fussy about just how perfectly un-wobbly you want your piece.

Attaching the penny

First, you need to determine which leg is causing the wobble. A little woodworker's knowledge helps here. Make sure the piece of furniture is on a completely level surface. Look at two legs diagonal to one another. Is one of them off the ground? That's your troublesome leg. Another way is to place your level tool in the center of the item. Once the bubble hits the center, see which leg is floating. Mark this leg so you don't forget which one it is.

Now, flip the piece upside down. Clean the base of the leg with some rubbing alcohol or a damp cloth to ensure a strong bond. While drying, apply a generous dot of glue to a penny, but not so much that it covers the entire penny. After all, you don't want the adhesive squeezing out near the edges, leaving you panicking when you have glue on your skin. Wait until the glue is slightly tacky, then press the coin onto the end of the leg. Wipe off any excess using an old rag. Hold the penny to the leg of the furniture until it doesn't come off when pulled — refer to the instructions on the packet of glue for how long this will take. Flip the item back over to test if it's still wobbly, or check it with your level tool. If it's still shaky, repeat the process with more pennies.