Pantry Dry-Goods Have Never Been More Organized Thanks To This Ingenious Upcycling Hack

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Depending on how many coffee drinkers you have in your family, you could be using a substantial amount of creamer each week. But, it seems a shame to let all those Coffee-Mate containers go to waste, Nestle states that 85.8 percent of their package is recyclable or reusable. But with this hack, you can reuse the container, cutting down on plastic waste and saving money, as you transform your pantry into a beautiful organized space. Hang on to your empty Coffee Mate, or any coffee creamer containers, and use them to store your dry goods and perishables.

Many homeowners will dish out their hard-earned money to outfit their pantry with matching air-tight plastic containers to store their dry goods. For example, a pack of four cereal containers runs at around $18 on Amazon. But with this hack, you can upgrade your pantry for free by using air-tight plastic coffee creamer containers, instead. 

How to upcycle coffee creamer containers in your pantry

First, you'll want to remove the label on your coffee creamer container. If there is any remaining sticky residue, use a sponge with dish soap and water to remove it. Then, rinse out the container well and make sure it dries completely. You should take the cap off and wash and dry that separately to make sure you get all the nooks and crannies clean. Next, pour in your dry goods, such as pasta, grains, popcorn kernels, nuts, granola, coffee, seeds, candy, dog biscuits, baking goods, or just about anything in an opened container that you want to keep fresh and can be poured out. 

Coffee creamer containers come in different sizes so you can use them for all kinds of different items. They also have a spout that allows you easy access to your dry goods without taking the top off or spilling and making a mess. These containers will prevent your items from going stale and will also protect your dry goods from pantry pests, like insects or mice. You can add stick-on labels to them or use a permanent marker to identify their contents and list expiration dates for added organization.