Things To Consider When Picking Out A Trash Can For Your Bathroom

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Whether it's sanitary pads, used dental floss, toilet roll tubes, old varnish tubes, or empty toothpaste tubes, trash in the bathroom is an inevitably intricate affair. A bathroom trash can plays a vital role here. Besides its principal role of waste management, it puts an end to journeying back and forth between your bathroom and kitchen bin. And how about the prospect of flaunting your interior design flair, given the myriad of bathroom trash can styles the market offers? However, you must be careful to scope out something that ticks all the right boxes in terms of size, materials, and functionality.

This narrative starts with determining the best size of a trash can for your bathroom. Given their slower fill rate, bathroom trash cans can afford to be more discreet. Curious about a sweet spot? A 2 to 4-gallon bathroom trash can hits the mark. However, the "one-size-fits-all" strategy crumbles here, too. You see, the volume of waste generated in your bathroom is directly proportional to how many people use it. It's simple math, really — more users equate to more trash. This factor should guide you toward the most suitable fit for your bathroom garbage bin. For instance, if more than three people use your bathroom, you'd be better off with something more spacious, like a 5 or 6-gallon trash can, to prevent unnecessarily frequent emptying cycles.

A careful balance between function and style

Sure, a trash can is a vessel for holding waste, but overlook its design, and you risk disrupting the cohesion of your bathroom ensemble. However, even the most glamorous garbage receptacle becomes worthless if it isn't equipped to cope with the day-to-day demands of bathroom waste. Your ideal pick should be proficient in its job but not an eyesore in its setting. Diving into the practical side of things, a bathroom trash can's functionality hinges on accessibility, usability, and adaptability to the garbage it's expected to house. 

When we consider the nature of bathroom waste, a feature like odor-sealing lids will suffice to keep nasty scents in check. Added convenience can stem from a step pedal or another hands-free mechanism. An example is the iTouchless 2.5 Gallon Sensor Trash Can, with a 4.3/5 score from 1,700+ ratings on Amazon. Its hand gesture-controlled lid works to prevent possible interaction with the pathogen-ridden bathroom waste.

Another functionality tick-box is the ease of emptying. It's all about minimal mess and effort, synonymous with models with removable inner liners or compatible with standard garbage bags. Now, onto the style. It's the difference between merely an essential utility and a bathroom showpiece. Aim for a look that effortlessly clicks with your bathroom's vibe, whether vintage, rustic, or ultra-modern. Color plays a key role; for example, a contrast pop against a monochrome palette. 

Consider the shape and material type

The most suitable bathroom waste bin material often boils down to durability, cleaning ease, and price. Stainless steel is the heavy-weight titleholder regarding robustness, bringing longevity not promised by plastic. As a rust-resistant material, it suits the needs of the moisture-heavy environment of your bathroom. And while it's pricier than other materials, wouldn't you appreciate the peace of mind of fewer replacements? However, pick one that's smudge-proof. Plastic, on the other hand, offers the allure of affordability and lightweightness. Yet, plastic bins' lighter nature makes them more prone to tipping over — a scenario far from ideal. For eco-conscious homeowners, the draw toward bins made from bamboo, wicker, or straw transcends mere aesthetics; it's an everyday step in preserving Mother Earth.

When it comes to shapes, going classic never hurts. Round, rectangular, and square bins are typical choices that slot comfortably into any decor, provided the sizes match. Yet, a leap into the unconventional might be necessary for an effortless blend into your bathroom's corner or flat wall. A triangular-shaped waste bin, like LaFan's 2.6-gallon Triangle Space-Saving Trash Can for Corner, priced at $29.89 on Amazon, is an efficient deviation that optimizes the dead space in corners. Many customers attest to its suitability in tight spaces. There's yet another contender on the block — the half-round trash cans. These elegantly curved specimens rest seamlessly against your bathroom wall and guarantee a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.